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Drone Footage Shows The Barrenness of Wuhan, China

Coronavirus has turned a city of millions into a ghost town.

Wuhan, China has a population of around 8,365,000 people. For context, the size of Wuhan is similar to that of the state of New York, which holds nearly 8,400,000 people. So how is it that a drone was able to capture a picture of Wuhan in which the place looked as empty as a birds nest in December? One word: coronavirus.

I’d like to be surprised at what Wuhan looks like but, frankly, I am not. The coronavirus is a really scary disease right now. I mean, it has been reported that the disease just passed a death toll of over 1,000 people.

If I had the chance of catching the disease by walking outside I’d stay inside just like the people of Wuhan. And trust me, I have no problem laying on the couch all day. 

But really, the coronavirus is starting to cause some legitimate worry for most. There are a ton of conspiracy theories in the public claiming that the virus has actually affected more people than China is leading on. For example Chinese lawyer and citizen journalist Chen Qiushi recently went missing after recording what the disease looks like on the ground level in Wuhan. 

I wish I knew the real truth about coronavirus, but I am no doctor, and I am not from Wuhan where the disease originated. I- like most- can only really listen to what news is putting out there; something I am not sure I believe based on how China has handled the outbreak. Hopefully the disease finds its way out of the news cycle, but it has already been spread to a litany of countries.

Taking that information into account, the coronavirus may be something people around the world hear about for a while. So in the mean time, please wash your hands. 

Feature image via Twitter / @Barstool Sports
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