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Color-Changing Hat on TikTok Reignites “The Dress” Debate

Interior design influencer shares mindbending optical illusion.

TikTok// @OteliaCarmen

It is no secret that the Internet is a good source of debate. 

Whether it’s to argue politics or to share thoughts on the red carpet’s latest looks, social media allows everyone the equal opportunity to put in their two cents on any topic of their choice. However, certain Internet debates become so viral that users are almost forced to have a say in the matter. 

Such was the case in 2015, when arrived on the social media scene: the dress. “The dress” controversy began as a simple photo of a striped dress posted to Facebook that then turned into a viral Twitter phenomenon over night following user disagreements over what color the stripes actually were. 

While some users swore the dress was black and blue striped, others adamantly believed it was yellow and gold. The debate became such a popular media controversy, that there is a now a Wikipedia page dedicated to it, entitled “The dress.” 

Echoes of the dress debate were rekindled earlier last week when the interior design influencer, Otelia Carmen, posted a video to TikTok displaying her newly purchased hat seemingly shifting colors as she walks through her house. 

Thankfully, Carmen’s background in interior designed helped her explain to TikTok users why her hat was changing from green to brown as she stepped into the different rooms. 

In her video, posted below, Carmen states that the cause of this optical illusion is metamerism, a phenomenon in which our eyes match colors depending on light source. Through applying the rules of this phenomenon, one can understand why the hat (which is actually green) appears its true color in cold LED light, but appears brown under more warm light sources.  


Why lighting should be just as important as color/material selections!! #interiordesign #learnontiktok #designertips #colortheory #shopwithme

♬ Do It To It – ACRAZE

Carmen’s interior expertise may have saved us from another Internet debate sensation, but I wouldn’t worry. Social media always has more in store.

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