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Carole Baskin Gives Her Side of the Tiger King Series in New YouTube Webisodes

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more Tiger King drama…

Netflix’s Tiger King is a never-ending wealth of entertainment in these dark days of the COVID 19 outbreak. When we got wind that Carole Baskin had created an entire video series on YouTube explaining HER side of things, we couldn’t wait to share it with you all! We found the entire playlist for you all, please enjoy them all.

There is a lot to unpack here!

Carole spends time talking about everything from the durable power of attorney documents to the idea Don went through the meat grinder. She also discusses the differences between her sanctuary and zoos — there is no breeding that happens at sanctuary’s and no public contact, all these happen in zoos. My favorite webisode was where Carole talks about Joe’s mother and that infamous lawsuit. She goes on to say that during the course of the lawsuit, they all got to know Joe’s siblings. She states, “They all hate him!”

Wow! To be fair, we aren’t sure there is a lot Carole can say that will convince us that she didn’t dip Don in sardine oil and feed him to the tigers. And while producers and directors do ask people to exaggerate themselves to make good television, we wonder what Carole is now exaggerating in these video responses.

What do you think about all these videos? Leave us your thought in the comments below.

Featured Image via WikiMediaCommons

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