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The Australian Spearfishing Team “The Youngbloods” Just Got Back From Indonesia With A Brand New Video For All You Hardcore Fishing Enthusiasts

They’re back out hunting the oceans again.

From Australia to Indonesia, the Youngbloods are out spearfishing again and there’s not one safe tropical fish in the ocean.

The Youngbloods are based out of Australia — because where else would you find a team of people who will take on dangerous waves and hunt massive fish for fun? Delaware? Nope, this is a job for folks from the land down under.

For their most recent video, the Youngbloods took a trip across the Indian Ocean to Mentawai Island in Indonesia, where they filmed themselves up against injury, sickness and anything that can swim (besides people).

Let’s all take a look at what spearfishing is like firsthand:

Every time I see footage of people out at sea, it makes me think: “Why the hell would anyone ever do this? Don’t you people have burger joints or pizzerias? Is anyone actually eating these tropical fish?” But then again, I’m not the one who does this for a living. Instead, I write articles about the people who go out and do this for a living so I’ll keep my commentary focused on them. Here’s one of their previous spearfishing videos from a few months back.

The Youngbloods are a team of about eight thrill-seekers who are trying to do as much living as they can while they can. As it says on their Facebook page:

“We’re just a small group of mates who share our adventures through film. Our hope is that by sharing our world we can motivate people to get out there and to give those less fortunate the opportunity to experience and see some crazy shit that they may never get to.”

As you can tell from the video, Spearfishing looks pretty intense, but it doesn’t compare to the new greatest sport to grace the world: drunk fishing. If drunk fishing joins the Olympics I may actually start watching them.


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