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WATCH: Leo DiCaprio Dances Like an Old Man… Which He Kind of Is

The attractive and youthful 90s star is no more…

Image by Siebbi via Wikipedia

Leo DipCaprio was one of THE crush-worthy actors of the 90s. But as we approach 2020, it becomes increasingly obvious that era ended 20 years ago, and all the young stars are getting old. Some of them have aged really well but… Leo is not one of them.

DiCaprio turned 45 this year, and while that is not too old at all, he looks like he could be in his late fifties. And while some could say that it’s because he hasn’t gotten plastic surgery, everyone needs to remember that he’s lived a long life in those 45 years. He was Hollywood’s “it” boy in his youth, and his twenties (and even thirties and forties) were a string of parties and drinking and smoking.

Just recently at P Diddy’s 50th birthday, Leo was caught on camera dancing and… he dances like a dad. And in terms of age, he could be. Now, instead of playing the teenage protagonist in a coming-of-age movie, he would play that actor’s father. It is certainly strange to think about.

I’m not sure how I feel about living in a world where Leonardo DiCaprio is anything other than hot. But, this is the world we’ve all been handed as 2020 approaches. Leo DiCaprio is now some middle-aged guy who is an activist about climate change, who acts in movies sometimes, and who should not be allowed to dance. Like at all. Oh, and he’s good for memes.

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