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The Pilot Who Was Thrown Out of a Plane at 23,000ft And Lived to Tell The Tale

Flying through the sky…literally.

[Credit: The Day Destroys The Night/YouTube]

Videos, whether they’re long or short, they keep us entertained and help us escape our daily, stressful lives. From life hacks to crazy stunts and everything in between, we can’t stop scrolling through them. Anything to help us through the pandemic, am I right? Some are just outright insane, others about food, and others remind us of the tough times we are living in, pandemic aside and included. This particular video, though, is from 1990 but the insanity of it is still hard to believe.

Tim Lancaster, a British Airways captain, was literally sucked out of one of his planes he was flying back in 1990. Two of the windows at the front of the plane suddenly shattered and his other co-pilots and flight attendants fortunately held onto him and flew the plane back down to the ground without losing him. HE SURVIVED! He only suffered some fractures and frostbite, that’s it! Lancaster is so completely lucky that he didn’t fly off into the air and not survive the fall, whenever he would have come down.

See The Incredible Video For Yourself
[Credit: The Day Destroys The Night/YouTube]
[Credit: Ostersund Aero Icarus/Flickr]

How crazy was that? This video went viral because a user on Twitter posted a photo from a re-enactment and people went nuts for it! Its hard to believe this stayed a secret for so long!

One of the flight attendants from that flight, Nigel Ogden, recently spoke out about the flight and just how terrifying it was for everyone on board.

“I whipped round and saw the front windscreen had disappeared and Tim, the pilot, was going out through it – he had been sucked out of his seatbelt and all I could see were his legs. I jumped over the control column and grabbed him round his waist to avoid him going out completely.

His shirt had been pulled off his back and his body was bent upwards, doubled over round the top of the aircraft. His legs were jammed forward, disconnecting the autopilot, and the flight door was resting on the controls, sending the plane hurtling down at nearly 650kmh through some of the most congested skies in the world.

I thought I was going to lose him, but he ended up bent in a U-shape around the windows. His face was banging against the window with blood coming out of his nose and the side of his head, his arms were flailing and seemed about 6 feet long. Most terrifyingly, his eyes were wide open. I’ll never forget that sight as long as I live.”

Nigel Ogden

This is such an incredible story and Lancaster is so lucky to still be alive and only suffer such minor injuries compared to what could have happened. He is only lucky guy.

Watch here to see a stunt pilot fly very close to the ground, talk about an adrenaline rush.

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