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How a ‘No Makeup’ Trend is Helping to Empower Women and Redefine Beauty

This piece is used to show how women fought back against the comments that were made to try and bring them down when it made creative in their comeback to the response.

In the world of technology, comments come and go, normally we let comments become dormant with our silence. But in reality, unless action is taken eventually the comments become active again as this recent trend showed.

The trend called “take them swimming and see the real her” can be found on YouTube. It was used to shut down comments that were made against women wearing makeup on the first date. These comments are on the lines of one swipe and it’s gone, or take her swimming and see her real face. However, many women fought back and they did this in the most creative way possible

Ture art of Makeup created by A

You-Tube Creativity

These videos were made in retaliation against the comments to show that they had no effect on women and when it came to decisions they made on what they wore or not on their faces. This creative statement shows that women were not going to go quietly into the night and keep their opinions to themselves. They stood up and laugh instead.

Videos like inspired women to embrace who they were and to display their creativity in makeup.

The creative idea was downright brilliant. Not only was this going on but a famous influencer named Izzie Rodgers due to this comment embraced her acne and commented she wouldn’t mind going swimming on a date. This comment made women feel empowered and feel less insecure about who they were as people and what they looked like to others.


At the same time, women have come out in anger when asked about these comments. Some stated that grown adults should not have opinions on what beauty is or what it should stand for. Whether they wear makeup or not is none of their business.

Girl Power picture by Olga Arminen

It is quite hypercritical of people to use this comment when many bash women for wearing no makeup. Saying to them put on a bit of lipstick or some foundation you look too pale. When we do decide to embrace makeup and embrace our creativity immediately we are told to do otherwise.


But, there was one opinion that struck me and it was if you have a good heart and a good soul you will be beautiful forever. This comment made me realize that people who made these comments are judging women for nothing. The makeup women wear shouldn’t be up for conversation. It should be who the person is not what you wear or don’t wear on your skin. Creativity can be found in anything, especially in Makeup.

To conclude, these quotes were first posed to silence women’s power. When in reality it made them stronger and stand together as they demonstrated that makeup should not be viewed as a physical look but as a way to express the person you are inside.

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Hey, my name is Alison and I love writing. Now that is out of the way I love History and English, I am currently studying them at UCC. I believe writing can enhance the view of a topic, it makes it more meaningful for the reader when the writer has the same love for the topic as it gives more of a story than facts. I hope you enjoy my articles and let this lead to a wonderful adventure of writing

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