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Five Christmas Movies to Binge-Watch This Holiday Season

This is a list of five amazing Christmas movies to get you into the holiday spirit this Christmas season.

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Searching for something festive to watch with family and friends during the holidays? If so, Netflix has you covered. As the holiday season is here and Christmas quickly approaches, there’s no better way to relax and de-stress than by watching the perfect Christmas-themed movie. Whether you’re into comedy, romance or something else. Here are the five perfect Christmas movies to watch this holiday season.

1. Deck the Halls (2006)

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The first movie on our list is Deck the Halls. This movie is an excellent festive watch for those in need of a good laugh. It’s a 2006 comedy that stars the iconic Danny Devito as one of the main characters. It focuses on two neighbours in an intense rivalry of who can have the best, brightest display of Christmas lights on the front lawns of their houses. It’s a relaxing throwback Christmas movie to enjoy with the entire family.

2. Falling for Christmas (2022)

A man and a woman smiling while standing beside each other outside in front of a display of Christmas lights.

If you’re feeling to watch something sweeter, check out Falling For Christmas. Hopeless romantics are bound to love this sappy romantic comedy starring Lindsay Lohan. Falling For Christmas does a great job of tying two totally opposite dynamics together. These two dynamics being skiing and royalty. Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan) starts out as a spoiled heiress who ventures on a ski trip just a few days before Christmas. Her world is turned upside down and changed forever when she hits her head and gets amnesia in a skiing accident. Upon waking up, Sierra finds herself in the care of a young cabin owner and his daughter. Throughout her stay, Sierra and this young cabin owner find themselves growing closer together during the holiday season.

3. Christmas With You (2022)

A man standing next to a woman sitting down and smiling at her. They are in a living room decorated with a lit up Christmas tree and many Christmas lights.

Third on our list is Christmas With You. Christmas With You is another romantic comedy. It ties the holiday spirit together with a classic Hollywood vibe. Prepare a snack for this one. It’s a drama filled film that’s sure to keep you captivated. This movie follows Angelina (Aimee Garcia), a young pop star on her rise to stardom. Angelina is happy to take a break from her chaotic daily life as a pop star when she grants a young fan’s wish to meet her in New York during the holidays. There are a number of heartfelt moments throughout the film that will leave you feeling happy. Angelina regains inspiration to re-create her career while also having a shot at true love when she visits the city.

4. A Christmas Prince (2017)

A young prince and a princess arm in arm while looking at each other and standing in front of a grand staircase.

Netflix appears to have a knack for tying royalty and the Christmas holidays together. A Christmas Prince follows a young journalist who goes abroad as an undercover person to spy on the royal family. This young journalist is on a mission to unveil the secrets of the prince who is appointed to become king soon, before it is too late.

5. Holidate (2022)

A man and woman standing next to each other beside a multi-coloured Christmas tree. The woman has her arms crossed. And, as a result of this being a romantic comedy, they are also making funny faces.

Another adorable romantic holiday movie to watch this holiday season is Holidate. Two total strangers (Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey) are unhappy and tired of being single. The two of them decide to form a fake relationship with each other for the holidays. As you’re most likely expecting, these two end up falling in love for real.

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