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Controversy Arises Over Kendall Jenner’s ‘818’ Tequila Company

Controversy arises on Twitter over the authenticity of Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila company.

Credit: YouTube / @GoodMorningAmerica

Recently launched ‘818 tequila’ is a company founded by model and A-list celebrity, Kendall Jenner. Although praised by the tabloids, Twitter users have highlighted some controversial issues, missed by the tabloids, regarding the origin and authenticity of the tequila. 

‘818’ tequila consists of three types of tequila: Blanco which ‘offers undertones of tropical and citrus fruit, rested in french oak to obtain a rest vanilla roundness’, Resposado, a ‘ripe roasted agave flavour with a caramel finish’ and Añejo, a ‘complex and bold expression with a warm vanilla finish’. However, despite its projected authenticity and its base in Jalisco, Mexico, users have highlighted the cultural appropriation present in the advertisements for the tequila.

Her tequila has been flagged up as an exploitation of Mexican culture and the roots and origins of tequila. Several users have highlighted the ‘white washed’ nature of 818 tequila, whilst others have listed other original makers of tequila in hopes of deterring customers from ‘818’. 

These tweets encourage the consideration of the power of celebrity influence on consumers. ‘818’ tequila seems to have experienced surges of sales despite user urges to prevent sales of ‘white washed’ tequila brands. 

Users have been considering how far Jenner’s ‘canceling’ will last as most presume that her elite status will override the overwhelmingly negative response to ‘818’. However, despite her advertisements being named as ‘tone deaf’ for its generalisations and gentrification of Mexican origins, ‘the idea of white celebrities taking from local Mexican artisans and profiting off [Mexican] traditions and agricultural business’, Jenner’s ‘818’ launch was still supported by several celebrities and has been promoted and praised by her friends on social media. 

Twitter users have intended for consumers to question their ethos and choices before purchasing from a company that is profiting from Mexican culture, an outcry that this been documented by big media outlets including Good Morning America and Clevver News. 

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