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World’s Smartest Dog Pretends To Be Homeless To Get Free Burgers From McDonald’s

Does your dog like McDonald’s too?

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This dog has a better game plan for life than you do. I would definitely do this for some free nuggets, trust me. 

So Princess is apparently the smartest dog in the world because she came up with the most brilliant scheme any dog has ever come up with. Princess belongs to Betsy Reyes and they live in a nice house in Oklahoma City. Every night, Princess sneaks out of Betsy’s house and wanders to the nearest McDonald’s, where she makes the cutest puppy dog eyes at everyone dining there.

Of course, everyone feels sorry for her, thinks she’s a stray, and proceeds to give her free burgers. However, Betsy knows better and figured out Princess’ little scheme. She followed her dog one night to McDonald’s and after discovering what her dog was doing, posted this to her Facebook page:

Betsy’s PSA informed everyone to stop feeding her dog burgers if they saw her at McDonald’s, because she’s not a stray dog after all.

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