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New Netflix Documentary ‘Gunther’s Millions’ Tells The Bizarre Story of a Dog That Inherited $400 Million

As odd as this sounds, there’s more to it.

Gunther is living it up eating off a silver tray..literally Credit: Netflix

How did we live before Netflix brought us series’ that we never knew we needed? Tiger King, Inventing Anna, The Tider Swindler, Our Father, Making A Murderer, and many more have captivated audiences for several years. You never know what they will throw at you next and what stories are about to be revealed next. Keeps viewers guessing and wondering where this has been for so long. The latest: Gunther’s Millions is about a dog that inherits millions from his heiress owner but that’s not all. Celebrities and cult-like mentality are only part of this story also.

So, an heiress dies and leaves her fortune ($400 million) to her dog. That’s weird enough, right? But that’s nothing. This dog, Gunther, also owns properties in Italy and has a yacht as well. All the staff he could ever need and then some. The best food is served on silver trays. Yes, this is still for a dog.

But things take a turn when Gunther is not just at his houses alone with his servants. Celebrities are invited to all these extravagant parties but it’s not all fun. Some claims are that it’s a cult that draws you in to come party with a rich dog. And his handler seems to be behind all this.

Nothing Is Ever Really As It Seems

Credit: Netflix

People on Twitter have been losing their minds since the February premiere:

Lord, what am I watching?

When you think you’ve seen it all, another twist is right around the corner. Each episode seems like an entirely different story, plot and theme.

Watching Gunther’s Millions and I’ve never watched such a bizarre story in my entire life.

How do you leave millions to a dog? How is that even legal? How do you even become the spokesperson for the trust fund of a dog? A dog?

No one can quite prepare you for the plot twists in Gunther’s Millions. I’m so effing confused!

Anonoymous Twitter Users

For only four episodes, a lot happens and more questions than answers, it’s just like every other Netflix documentary in that sense. And with Tweets like these, it’s hard to not want to watch this to see just how crazy this story really is. Leaving your fortune to a dog does seem really reckless and strange.

Perhaps, though, this was the perfect cover for what really went on at these mansions. Still feels like Gunther’s well-being as a dog is put in jeopardy. Is he really living his best life? Doesn’t seem like it. Dogs owned by rich owners are still dogs. They don’t care about the money and what it can buy and do for them, they still want love and affection and someone to care about and take care of them. But exploiting a dog’s owner’s money to build a cult empire is disgraceful.

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