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WATCH: The World’s Largest Water Pistol In Action

Don’t stray onto this guy’s lawn.

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Tired of tiny water pistols and they’re limited power? Want to rule the neighbourhood kids? Get yourself in contact with Mark Rober, who has built the world’s largest water pistol.

Mark Rober’s CV is hardly limited: he has spent nine years at NASA as an engineer where he worked on Mars rover ‘Curiosity’. Now, however, he has a used his skill set to make a new addition.

Utilising a pressurised nitrogen gas as a power source instead of the traditional hand pump, the seven foot long water pistol can fire a jet of water at 272 mph. For clarification, the pressure created by Rober’s pistol is eight times greater than that priduced by the hose on a fire engine, and can slice through a watermelon and shatter glass. Rober himself admited its strength is perhaps an ‘overkill’.

See the Super Soaker in action below:

The water tank itself holds two gallons of water, which saves time refilling at the garden hose! Despite its size, the pistol is apparently manouverable and stable due to its low centre of mass. Even better, Rober has made the list of parts used to constuct the water pistol available to download via Dropbox!

However, the concept is hardly new to Rober, who has stated that he first thought of the possibility of a super strength super soaker in 1982, during his time at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

World Records seem to be Robson’s forte, as last year he and his friends constructed the world’s largest nerf gun.

Want to see how other Youtubers use water pistols? Watch these guys putting out people’s cigarettes with a water pistol.

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