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WATCH: The Demogorgon in Stranger Things is Actually Not CGI

It’s real!

It's real!

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It might look very disgusting and very strange, but surprisingly enough, the gruesome Demogorgon in Stranger Things is actually not a product of CGI.

Computers should be able to create the most realistic effects, right? It would make sense for us to think as such. However, CGI might not be the best solution when it comes to realistic depictions. Spectral Motion, the visual effects house behind the Demogorogon and a vast variety of other creatures on film and TV, has recently released some photos and footage showing the animatronic head of the beast in action.





Before CGI became what it is today, many directors chose animatronics for the effects of their movies. Steven Spielberg used animatronics in his movie Jurassic Park in order to make the dinosaurs look more real. The original movie was released in 1993, was a major hit, and won 3 Oscars. Hence, it seems like CGI is not always the answer. And even when it should be the answer, directors such as Christopher Nolan, will do whatever possible in order to avoid using it.

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For even more Stranger Things, make sure to check out the season two trailer here!

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