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More Retro Gaming Comebacks: New Super Ninetendo NES

Retro gaming isn’t a fad. They’re back for good.

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Don’t worry about feeling like you’re childhood is over. Retro styles are not a fad ladies and gentlemen, you’re favorite video games are back!

Nintendo has decided with all the success the NES Classic has received that they are going to introduce a new gaming system called the Super NES. What makes it more intriguing then its counterpart is that it comes with two controllers and 21 games with the never before released Starfox 2.


With this system, the childhoods of many is revamped. If in 5 months the NES Classic sold over two million consoles, imagine the revenue that will come through this system. There are people all around the world who’ve been playing these games since they were born. With only a cheap price of $80, and bringing back a chance to reminisce for gamers, think about how this has a chance to compete against the Ps4 or the Xbox.

Whether a person who is following trends and fads or a true member of reliving his past, this is the system to invest in.

If you’re interested in other retro games, read about how Sega brought their own retro games to the cellular world.

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