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The Nokia 3310 Release Date Has Been Revealed

It’s back!

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Nokia have never had more people awaiting a phone’s release!

Everyone must remember the Nokia 3310. You couldn’t break it even if you wanted to because it was fucking indestructible. It definitely had more battery power than any modern gadget on the market today, and had the great game, Snake 2. (It was basically the first real case of gadget envy!)

Most millennials reminisce fondly upon their old phone; all wishing that modern technology was as reliable as it used to be. After all, quicker speeds and fancy graphics don’t always guarantee a good phone!

Plans to redesign the Nokia 3310 were announced earlier this year and fans were going crazy over the idea! Now, we can finally reveal that the new phone will be released on 24th May! 

The classic design will be returning, with a smoother, colourful case. The phone also boasts a month-long battery life with 22-hours of talk time. If this wasn’t enough, the little gem will have a new colour screen, Snake 2 and camera! What more could you want for just £50. 

With over 126 million copies sold, the original phone is one of the most popular handsets in the world, a big achievement! Do you reckon the new phone will bear well against iphone, Samsung, and other modern producers? Will you be bagging yourself one yourself?

For more phone advancements, check this out!

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