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Monopoly Gamer Offers Fun Blend Of Mario And Classic Board Game

Trade in your mini top hat for Yoshi or Donkey Kong!

Images Credit: Hasbro

Even if Monopoly isn’t your cup of tea, don’t cast it aside quite just yet.

Hasbro has teamed up with Nintendo for Monopoly Gamer, a modern twist on the classic tabletop game that features characters like Mario and Princess Peach in place of the racecar and top hat.

The game is not simply a re-branding. In fact, there are several major deviations that separate Monopoly Gamer from its predecessor: instead of fighting only for money and properties, players will complete levels to collect coins, and there’ll even be a few boss battles thrown in.

Unlike in normal Monopoly, in which you must bankrupt your opponents to win, Monopoly Gamer is less cruel: the winner only needs to have the greatest amount of points by the end, allowing for victories that (hopefully) won’t ruin your relationships with family and friends.

And instead of two numbered dice, there is a special ability die that features many of your favorite Mario power-ups and sabotages, from the green and red shells to the Blooper squid.

The $25 standard set will be released in August, with Gamestop releasing a special collector’s edition for $40.

While the standard set includes only four playable characters—Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong—there will be $3 “Power Packs” that introduce your other favorites, including Luigi and Wario.

Check out this “How to Play” video that explores the game and its new features in greater detail:

For much bleaker and unsettling Mario-related news, check out this video that looks at what happens when Mario misses a jump.

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