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Mac DeMarco’s Selling His Old Couch On eBay

Best couch I’ve ever seen.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Ralph Arvesen

You’ve just moved into your new apartment with your cat and your never-neglectful partner. You’ve spent hours at IKEA, just trying to find the perfect match for your new 55″ flat screen. You’ve scoured the internet, and rummaged through garage sales, but the perfect couch still yet evades you.

I have some good news for you. Mac DeMarco, Canadian singer and songwriter, is selling his couch. Yes, the couch where he wrote songs for his 2012 album is rumored to be on sale on Ebay, according to Pitchfork. I know you can’t resist getting a couch with some backstory behind it.

Here’s what it looks like:

I know, I know–it’s not chic, modern, and definitely will not be a sight to behold for your guests when you throw your housewarming. Bear with me. Let me sell you on this.

All the proceeds from the sale is going to Rock Camp for Girls Montreal, which is a music and empowerment camp for young girls. Gives you a little more incentive, doesn’t it?

Bidding starts at one Canadian dollar but has since risen to $5,600 CAD and still climbing. Bidding ends on November 8th, so I wouldn’t waste any more time it I were you.

You get the couch you’ve always wanted and Rock Camp gets money to empower the youth. Everybody wins.

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