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A French Fry That Looks Like The Nike “Swoosh” Logo is Selling for $1800 on eBay

Is this Nike “swoosh” logo fry being up for sale part of a larger trend of unique food items going up for sale on eBay?

Image shows fries on a plate, with two dipping sauces.
Could a simple French fry really sell for so much money? Credit: Shutterstock/pilipphoto

The greatness of eBay lies in the fact that you really can buy and sell just about anything on it. The list includes cheeseburger backpacks, firearms, and even a simple French fry that has a strong resemblance to the Nike “swoosh” logo.

However, this French fry is selling for US$1800.

The stratospheric price tag is enough to make even the most avid French fry collectors have second thoughts. However, the pure coincidence that the French fry has such a likeness to the Nike “swoosh” logo is the reason the price is so high.

The fry has not been altered in any way and is being labeled as “for the Nike collector.” Even though it may take the most dedicated Nike collector to buy it, the similarity cannot be denied.

The seller, who goes by impala6_9, usually sells football trading cards. Their Nike “swoosh” fry is an unusual departure from their regular items.

The dizzying price tag of US$1800 may cause some problems for the average person. Nevertheless, those interested will be relieved to know you can pay up for the Nike “swoosh” logo fry in instalments of US$75 across 24 months.

What was the reaction from social media?

Reactions on social media to this pricey French fry were as expected.

X was comedic in its reactions. One user quipped, “If they had free shipping, I would definitely buy it.” Another wrote, “That’s one salty deal.”

On Instagram, people reacted with shock to think that maybe an eBay user could struggle to resist temptation when it comes to purchasing the Nike “swoosh” logo fry. One user said, “The fact that someone will buy this is crazy.”

Unique foods are becoming a trend

The high price tag, and the selling of this food item in general is something that has become more common on eBay. It follows a trend of unique food items being for sale at rather high prices on the e-commerce site.

Arguably the most famous rare food item ever sold on eBay was a sandwich in 2004. What was so distinctive about this sandwich was that it supposedly had the face of the Virgin Mary on it. In the end, it sold for a whopping US$28,000. According to the woman who made this sandwich, it harboured mystical powers.

There was also the famous example of the Dorito that had a shape similar to the Pope’s hat. It sold for US$1,209 in 2005. Coincidentally, it was bought by the same user who bought the aforementioned grilled cheese sandwich.

Other famous examples are a Cinnamon Toast Crunch that also had a shape similar to the Nike “swoosh” logo. There was also the potato chip that was in the shape of a perfect heart.

The shape of the heart has become more common for unique food items. There was also a full potato that was similar to a heart, as well as a Lay’s Brand Classic Salt-shaped one.

Has the Nike “swoosh” logo French fry sold?

When searching on eBay for the French fry, you will now be greeted by an unexpected message. It reads, “This listing was ended by the seller on Mon, Feb 12 at 4:47 PM because the item is no longer available.”

The listing coming to an end does not necessarily mean that the Nike “swoosh” logo fry has sold, but it does make it a possibility. However, for those who are eyeing up the fry, keep your eyes peeled as it could also return to the site.

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Matthew McKeown is a student at Ulster University, in his final year of a BA History degree. His interests include current affairs, politics, and international relations.

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