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Japanese Company Can Outfit Your Pet In Samurai Armour

Get your dog or cat ready for battle.

Photos: Samurai Age

Buckle up, because the weird world of pet clothing has gotten even weirder (and cooler).

Samurai Age, a company based in Fukuoka, recently unveiled a new line of armors based on the legendary Japanese warriors. Unlike their previous endeavors, which clothe figurines and bottles of sake, this new line can help your pet achieve the bad-ass look they’ve always wanted (or at least the bad-ass look that you’ve always wanted).

The basic pet armor comes in four colors (red, black, silver, and gold) and three sizes (small, medium, and large) meant for small dogs and cats.

Each set of armor is made with light-weight foam resin and polyurethane to ensure comfort and maneuverability for your pet as they embark on their new samurai adventures.

Prices range from about $128 to $150, so it might be best to wait for the novelty to wear off before you decide if you want to purchase. Nevertheless, your dog or cat will certainly be the envy of the neighborhood with this armor. Those shoulder pads alone are enough to turn heads—be they human, feline, or canine.

For owners of large dogs, hope is not lost: Samurai Age does do custom creations for bigger pets. This shiba inu, for instance, does the armor justice:

According to Kotaku, the company does do international orders. And considering how viral these images have become, Samurai Age is likely to see an influx of costumers from around the world. Who knows, in a few years pet armor could become mainstream. But at this point, we can only hope.

In samurai-related news, check out this bizarre Japanese anti-smoking ad.

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