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Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Bullsh*t Product Slammed By NASA

Do you think she’s had a rush of blood to the head?

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You’d have thought she would have learned by now right? The internet shut her down earlier this year over her shove-a-jade-egg-up-your-vagina fiasco, but she’s come back swinging. It’s almost a repeat of the previous event replete with a ridiculous price tag. Way to back yourself Gwyneth.

These new so-called ‘Bio-Frequency Healing’ stickers are being shipped off for $120 per 24 variety pack. That’s about $5 for one sticker. For a sticker. Gwyneth’s website goop claims these stickers have the power to ‘rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies’.


Honestly, you couldn’t write this stuff. Goop’s next claim with these stickers is that they are made with the ‘same conductive carbon material’ as can be found in NASA space suits to help keep track of astronaut’s vital signs.

The guys over at NASA were easily able to quash this claim by simply stating that this kind of ‘material’ that goop suggests exists, doesn’t. Apparently, space suits are actually made from ‘synthetic polymers and spandex’.


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Goop has since taken the claim off their website, releasing a statement saying it was the company creating the product who overstepped on the NASA bit. Usually, when people tell me that we live in a post-truth world, I scoff and say that it’s not a thing. But waking up to news like this every other day, sometimes I honestly just don’t know.

Talking of post-truth, why don’t you look out for some Donald Trump apparel next time you’re out?

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