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Cannabis-Infused Alcohol To Be Produced By The Owner Of Corona

Perfect for beer and weed lovers.

Perfect for beer and weed lovers.

If you love beer and you love weed, there is now the perfect thing for you. 

The company behind Corona, Constellation Brands, is set to come out with a new beverage. The new beer will be infused with marijuana, and will be the perfect drink for when you just want to wind down and relax.

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Constellation Brands are not the first to come up with the brilliant idea of combining beer and weed. However, in the past it has been a bit of a taboo mainly due to weed not being legal in most places. The mind-altering effects of THC causes concern for many and is one of the predominant reasons why the UK and various states still do not intend to legalise it. However, the growing legalisation of weed such as in Canada has opened up for of a market for this type of drink.

The CEO, Robert Sands, sees this as an anticipation of global legalisation of weed. This could be the new big thing.

‘According to the Cannabiz Consumer Group study, 27% of beer drinkers are purchasing (or would consider purchasing) marijuana instead of beer in states where it’s legal’

Constellation have signed a $200 million deal with Canopy Growth Corp, a Canadian Marijuana Industry. Canopy Growth Corp will inevitably one of the world’s biggest marijuana industries once Canada has finalised all of the necessary legalisations next year. The drink will likely not contain alcohol as there are certain dangers of combining weed with alcohol. It will however, provide the experience of getting high without having to smoke, making it a more fun and potentially more sociable experience.

If you like brilliant inventions, read HERE about the sad TRUE story of how Dominos was originally founded!

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