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If You Haven’t Already Seen the Mr Bean Photoshop Battle…You Need To

Best thing there’s ever Bean?

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You may think you read that wrong, but you didn’t. Yep, photo editors have come up with a new use of their time, and that is…putting Mr Bean’s face on sh*t Mr Bean’s face does not belong. 

This weird new trend has taken the internet by storm. While it is slightly bizarre and uncomfortable to look at, it’s undeniably hilarious. Imagine being an art student and presenting this in your portfolio… (I don’t think you’d get far, unless whoever looking at is has a really good sense of humour). Either way, whoever the hell is making these images is giving us a good few laughs. Here are some of the best examples:

Mr bean 1

Ah yes, Harry Potter. That figure of our childhood that we all loved so, intertwined with another thing we all loved- Mr Bean! But together? Not so cute…

Mr bean 2

I think this one has to top them all. You could not put him in a place where he belongs less. The wacky, odd and slightly dim character of Mr Bean is probably the least likely character we can see being a millionaire.

Mr bean 3

Ok, now this one’s just plain creepy. Seeing Mr Bean’s face and cleavage in the same body is just… urgh. Everything about this picture is just not okay.

And here are a few more to brighten your day:

Some of these are just too much. I suppose it’s kind of nice how many generations Rowan Atkinson has made laugh, he’s still at it and without even trying!

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