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PFC: The Birth of Family-Friendly Combat Sports

Pillow Fighting has been drawing quite a big crowd recently, here’s why.

Credit: YouTube/PFC Pillow Fighting Championship

Since the UFC made the transition from its status as a freak show to a legitimate sport, there has been an emergence of similar brands.

Youtubers entering the boxing ring have also brought extra attention to the combat market. With the countless new promotions arising, it’s clear that the combat sports market is in its prime. Countless bizarre examples of combat sports have arisen recently. From slap fighting to Phone-Box Fighting, Car-Jitsu and even Medieval MMA, countless new combat sports are emerging for better or worse. One of the better examples is the PFC.

Pillow Fighting Championships

The PFC: Pillow Fighting Championships, has been buzzing up a storm recently. Although the idea seems silly at first, it isn’t hard to see the reason why.

Credit: PFC Pillow Fight Championship


PFC has carved out its own set of rules to create the most exciting and competitive space. They even designed their own set of pillows to work in the best way possible with the fights. Fights consist of:

  • Three 90-second rounds
  • Points given for blows to the head, 2 for a “spinning back pillow.”
  • 3 points for a knockdown
  • Not allowed to hold opponents arm while striking
  • No strikes or grappling allowed without the use of the pillow

Family Friendly

A significant factor in PFC’s success and future is its status as a combat sport that is watchable and accessible to everyone. There is no severe damage in the fights or knockouts, meaning the whole family can watch. In other words, the sport takes the competition and excitement of combat sports and removes the violence.

To expand this image, the company has created PFC kids. They are even looking to integrate pillow fighting into physical education curriculums.

There are also no limits on how many events an athlete can compete in and no barriers to entry. The PFC website even has a dedicated section providing details on how you can enter. PFC is providing a unique opportunity for athletes.

Isaiah, “The Natural Triana,” a young commentator for PFC, and a highly accomplished athlete already, summed up the appeal of Pillow Fighting perfectly,

“It’s thrilling, very competitive, crazy, and safe for everyone. Whoever sees it wants to try it and I can take the people who are watching inside the fight, pillow pop by pillow pop.”

A Legitimate Sport?

Speaking upon the first PFC events, which leaned into the softer aspects of the sport, CEO Steve Williams stated that within “ten seconds,” he knew it’d be the wrong direction. You can see this belief within the PFC product now. From the high production value to the signings of countless legitimate athletes to the quality of the matches, the PFC intends to push its product as a sport, not a spectacle. The fights are incredibly cardio-intensive and competitive. Williams’ perspective on the sport is that there is nothing more legitimate than two people trying to take each other’s heads off, whether the results end in blood and knockouts or not. It is hard to disagree; a great fight is a great fight.

It will be interesting to see how the PFC grows within the next few years. Recently reaching 2 billion social media views and a nearly endless amount of media coverage, it appears that the sky is the limit. PFC has put a wholesome spin on the experimental combat sports trend. They are pushing an entertaining product and will continue to grow as long as they can carry on doing so.

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