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Ultra Rich Family Seeks Ultra Qualified Housekeepers

Try a robot. It worked for the Jetsons.

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I found this website that is so stereotypically high-class, I was honestly thought it was fake. To summarize, it’s a website for rich people to recruit staff for their numerous houses, yachts, private planes, etc.. Even as I write this very sentence, I find myself laughing at how utterly insignificant such an ‘issue’ is. The curious type, I looked under the ‘vacancy’ section (translating to help wanted) and found this gem.

The job listing got an even greater laugh out of me after I realized just how ridiculous the standards were. First, the “UHNW family” (meaning Ultra High-Net-Worth) want not one, but two people who can fulfill a frankly unrealistic number of things. I’m not even going to bother rattling things off. Long story short, these two individuals need to be good at everything, follow the family to NYC for 6 months, then to Switzerland for 3 months, and “the rest of the time traveling around their various properties.” It doesn’t seem awful on paper and I’m sure it pays insanely well, but I just couldn’t bring myself to essentially be a slave.

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Source: Pixabay

For me, the job would drain my life and sanity away almost instantly. Sure, you get to travel around and receive great accommodations, but I’m assuming you do nothing but work 24/7. You know what’s “fun?” Watching other people have fun, especially rich people. In my opinion, there isn’t much of an incentive to work an insanely tedious, but well-paying, job if you are never off to spend said payment. Also, who the hell even has this range of experience!? If anyone does, they must have prepared their entire life for this exact opportunity. If that’s the case, then go get ’em champ!

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