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Jackass Star Steve-O Duct Tapes Himself to an LA Billboard

Just a Jackass star, doing what a Jackass star does best…


The Jackass star found himself hanging around between Cahugena Boulevard and Yucca Street, in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The Jackass stars are known for having pulled some pretty outrageous stunts over the years, but 46 year old Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover, took his latest prank to new heights.

Steve-O shared his newest prank online, which saw him duct-taped to his very own billboard, displaying his Jackass name and the word ‘GNARLY’ underneath. The star videoed everything on his mobile phone and shared it for all his Instagram followers to see.

Safety would obviously be at the forefront of anyone’s mind, yet Glover emphasised that he had a team of real professionals who had rigged everything safely, and that there was ‘zero chance’ of him falling.

He assured his fans that ‘it’s important to me that we not waste any valuable city resources on this. I’m just happy to hang out.’

Just an hour and a half into his ‘hanging’ however, a team of firefighters arrived on scene to bring Steve-O down to earth, despite his pleas that he was in fact, safe. He was also adamant that he had not broken laws, so he did not understand why there was any commotion…

No charges were in fact pressed against him for his odd stunt, which potentially could have been for wasting firefighters valuable time and resources when they’re needed most.

CREDIT: Axelle/ Bauer- Griffin/ Getty Images

Despite the supposed good nature of the stunt, Hollywood’s Patrol Division didn’t see the funny side of it. Police Dept. Commanding Officer Brian Bixler said,

We’re trying to keep them minimum for the fire department. But definitely the fire department has a lot of rigs out here, and it takes a lot of resources away from what we should be doing — make people safe.

Around 100 of Steve-O’s fans had gathered near the billboard after he advertised his shenanigans to his 5.1 million Instagram followers. This angered Bixler even more, as no one was abiding by social distancing rules nor wearing masks. He stated how that “can create a problem for our communities.”

Oh, and the reason for Steve-O’s very bizarre stunt? To promote his new multimedia comedy special, Gnarly.

It seems that duct-taping yourself to a billboard amidst a global pandemic isn’t quite the best thing to do.

Catch some more of Steve-O’s crazy behaviour here.

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