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Clown Hired By Man to Soften The Blow Of Being Fired

He was just trying to make a good thing out of a bad situation.

man dressed as a clown standing with a woman
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Often when you are about to get bad news at work, e.g. you’re being fired or made redundant, the company may ask if you want someone with you for support. This could include a colleague or a family member. I’m sure some people have even brought in pets or support animals in these situations. But why not put a fun twist on a bad situation?

Josh Thompson got called into a meeting by HR at his copy writing job. They encouraged him to bring someone along for support and he didn’t disappoint. Josh hired a clown, by the name of Joe, to join him at the meeting.

Joe the clown blew up balloons and folded them into a series of animals throughout the meeting. Furthermore, he mimed crying when the redundancy paperwork was handed over to Josh.

Josh also said:

“He nodded his head along when I received the bad news as if he was also receiving the bad news. Professionalism at its finest, really.”

We really hope that no one in the office had a case of Coulrophobia otherwise known as the fear of clowns.

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