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Brass Statue of Steve Coogan is Erected in Norwich

What a way to put Norwich on the map.


When you think of the English city of Norwich, you’d be forgiven for probably drawing a bit of a blank. The football club? Colman’s mustard? Alan Partridge aka Steve Coogan? Correct. Now imagine Steve Coogan as a brass statue and you’ve got your answer.

Norwich appreciates their beloved Steve Coogan so much, that some local fans/sculptors (alas, this is sadly not the work of the local government) Nick Dutton and Gavin Bulcher, erected the brass statue of Coogan overnight on Wednesday. Coogan claims to have nothing to do with the bizarre creation, despite it conveniently coinciding with the launch of his new podcast. We see you Steve.

When approached for his own thoughts on the statue, Coogan had this to say,

I was flabbergasted.

And it’s cast in brass I think, which is fantastic and I hope it encourages people to put down their video screens and pick up a brass instrument instead, I think that would be a very good thing.

But I think it’s superb.

I hope it gets a permanent place in Norfolk and Norwich, a country which I’m very fond of and got to know through Alan Partridge.

I heard rumours about it but it surpassed all my expectations.

I think it’s quite magnificent.

Whilst I think we can safely say the Venus de Milo doesn’t have to worry about any competition, there will undoubtedly be some hardcore Alan Partridge fans travelling a fair distance to get a picture with the brass artwork.

The 11 foot statue is due to be taken down this Sunday, so, for those of you contemplating the idea, you better get there quick (unless you’re in a local lockdown of course…)

Fancy seeing some more weird statues? Look no further.

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