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World’s Tallest and Fastest Swing Opens in China

China’s giant swing will rocket you through the air at over 80mph!

Chongqing, China is now home to the world’s tallest and fastest swing in the entire world. It is perched a top a very tall (like 2,300 ft tall!) cliff inside the Longgang Geological Park. Did we mention the swing will also rocket you through the sky at about 80 mph?! Sounds like a panic attack to me, to be honest.

The giant swing is attached to a 355ft tower in the middle of the rainbow arch. People are then swung 230ft over the cliff. The swing went through four months of security checks and is reported to be able to withstand a magnitude 10 earthquake! It can also handle wind gusts of up to 103 miles per hour. It was supposed to open to the public at the beginning of this year, but due to COVID 19 it was delayed until June 30.

via YouTube

This insane swing is not the only amazing attraction at this park either. They boast an amazing looped glass observation deck and mountainside roller coaster that gives riders the sensation of plunging over the edge. According to Longgang’s tourist page, the observation deck is, “26.64 meters long and built at an altitude of 1,010 meters. Visitors can look down to view a vertical drop of 718 meters to the ground below.” The views must be astounding and breathtaking.

Image via Longgang Geological Park

The state media in China is saying the new swing is bigger and faster than it’s rival in Queensland, New Zealand. The Nevis Swing is boasted as “The World’s Most Famous” swing – on The Nevis, you can swing by yourself or tandem with a friend. It also goes forward, backward, and upside down. The swing in Longgang only goes one way and you can only ride by yourself, but it is much taller and goes much faster.

To be honest, I will not be going on any swing that I cannot climb up and move on my own. Would you be brave enough to go on this swing? Have you gone on The Nevis Swing in NZ? Let us know in the comments. And as always, from all of us a Trill!: stay safe, wash your hands, and don’t forget your masks!

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