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Women Uber Drivers Given Option To Have Female-Only Passengers

If only we could all avoid people like this.

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We have all heard about the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia. Up until June last year, women were not even allowed to drive and had to acquire professional male drivers in order to get around. Uber is turning that on its head.

Ever since women being allowed to drive being passed in Saudi Arabia, Uber has been working with women in the larger towns and cities. They have over 2,000 registered women drivers on their app. Furthermore, they are using initiatives to get women who may not have access to it, the ability to learn to drive and get their licenses.

However, as with most things, everything has a negative side. With the introduction of taxi apps has been a slew of crime. People can pretend to be Uber drivers and or perhaps even passengers can cause harm to drivers.

Therefore, Uber has created a way for women drivers in Saudi Arabia to only accept female passengers. Moreover, this is to prevent any unwarranted violence or crime due to the political duress of the patriarchal society. It is called the ‘Women Preferred View’ and will hopefully allow the women drivers in Saudi Arabia to feel safe and content with their careers.

We don’t know if the women in Saudi Arabia have to worry about this yet, but read here about a woman being hit by her self-driving Uber!

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