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Woman Terrified After Spotting a Massive Spider in Her Shower

An arachnophobe’s worst nightmare!

Credit: Cathy Cox/Facebook/Unilad

A woman who found the Huntsman spider hanging near the ceiling of her shower was left horrified after people warned her to move the arachnid before it fell on her.  

Cathy Cox found the female Huntsman perched on her shower wall in her house in Perth, Australia, and took to an Australian spider identification page looking for advice.

“I have what I believe to be a beautiful gravid Huntsman in my shower”, the post read.

“She is out of harm’s way but should I relocate her? FYI heart racing at the thought of the latter..”.

Initially looking at the photos she posted, users were left speechless at the size of the creature, living its best life in her shower; however, Ms. Cox clarified later that the photos were zoomed in for the sake of aiding better clarity.

She mentioned that the spider was 4.5 centimeters and fast. Commenters were quick to suggest ways to help her move the spider out of the way.

According to her, she later relocated it with the help of a large jar.

The comment section of the post was filled with users joking that the house now belonged to the spider and that she should move out.

One comment read: ”does she hand you the soap?”

”Is it Halloween? Did you dress up your dog?” someone else wrote.

However you want to look at it, this is for sure, the worst nightmare for those with arachnophobia.

Australia is known for its variety of animals and plants, and while Huntsmen are pretty common in Australia, however, they can still be incredibly terrifying when encountered.

According to experts, these spiders aren’t considered dangerous for humans.

This Huntsman is pretty cute, but the Brazillian Jewel Tarantula is still the world’s most beautiful as far as arachnids go!  

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