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Woman Spends $100 On iPhone That Turned Out To Be A Box Of Potatoes

iPhone or iPotatoe?

Image via: YouTube

It happens every November, bringing millions of people together. Excitement appears in many forms on this particular day. There is laughter, tears, smiles, and frowns during this time. It acts as a holiday that truly affirms the winter festive spirit. We refer to it as Black Friday (yes, you read that correctly).

Following the renowned U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the epitome of consumerism on steroids. Every year on Black Friday, social media users get the pleasure of either seeing or reading outrageous stories about people who fall victim to rip-offs. Once again, this year we are provided with yet another ridiculous scam: One woman in Milwaukee pays $100 for an iPhone but ends up with 11 chopped up piece of potatoes.

The seller of the iPhone was a man who drove around the woman’s neighborhood in a black truck with a sign that read “Black Friday Sale.”

The woman converses with the man, and he tells her about an iPhone that he is selling; he ensures her that “It’s already activated. It’s through boost mobile. The phone bill is not due until December 20th.”

In her story, the woman confirms that she saw the phone before purchasing it:

“He hands me an iPhone 6. I’m playing with it. I’m turning around, checking it. Y’know, no scratches…no beat up marks…nothing, legit. I ask him to call the phone. He had another phone. He called the iPhone and showed me the number. I’m like cool. It’s legit. It’s ringing. It’s working. I want it! Right? Wrong.”

Wrong, she was indeed. Although she physically sees and touches the iPhone, she ends up with a disturbing surprise when she arrives home — an iPhone box full of potatoes.

To make matters worse, the woman points out that the box contained something else. Underneath the potatoes laid a distinct charger, but not your average one for an apple iPhone. Instead, it was an Android charger.

On a positive note, who doesn’t love potatoes? Cheers to Black Friday ‘deals.’


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