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WATCH: Poor Bloke Gets A Spray Canister To His Balls At Anti-Trump Rally!


This guy knew what he was getting into when he joined this anti-Trump protest. But I’m gunna assume he didn’t think he’d be receiving this as his reward for being in a peaceful demonstration. All he was doing was kicking away other canisters of pepper spray so protesters wouldn’t be caught. And then the Phoenix police department decide to kick back.

He’d made the smart decision to bring a gas mask but clearly planning ahead isn’t everything:

Rubber bullet my arse.

Major respect to the other guy who immediately picks him up and walks him to the side. Saving the man from both more attacks and more embarrassment.

I don’t think exercising your first amendment rights as proud Americans should warrant this response. How much of this did we see against the Charlottesville ‘alt-right protesters’? The police have been claiming this response was needed due to projectiles being launched in their direction before they used pepper balls. However, this has then been disputed by various news sources and eyewitnesses.

I guess we won’t really find out who’s truly in the wrong in this age of fake news though.

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