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VIDEO: Man Stops Starbucks Robber Wearing Optimus Prime Mask


We’ve all heard of robbers at a liquor store with the generic skeemask on; but I doubt any of us has heard of someone defending a Starbucks from a robber wearing an “Optimus Prime” mask.

Well ladies and gents, 58-year-old Cregg Jerri was that someone. When a man in Optimus Prime gear came into a Starbucks in Fresno, Ca, with a knife and  gun attempting to pull off a robbery; Jerri sprung into action by knocking the robber to the floor with his chair.

The two then rambled on the floor until the-not-so “robot in disguise” stabbed Jerri in the neck. Followed by fleeing the Starbucks. This incredible Transformer defender left the fight with barely a scratch. Now yes, Jerri was stabbed in the neck, but his wound was easily taken care of  and he was shortly released from the hospital.

On the not so fortunate spectrum, Optimus Prime was later found with many stab wounds; identified as 30-year-old Ryan Michael Flores. Flores is now in critical, but stable condition thankfully.

Oh the things that happen at Starbucks. Check out how hilariously wrong this guy’s name was spelled at Starbucks.

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