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The House of Representatives Passes Animal Bill Featured in ‘Tiger King’

Bill seen in the Netflix hit docuseries, “Tiger King”, passed on the United States’ house floor.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Netflix

Remember Netflix’s Tiger King? Even though it has been a while, there is no way to forget. What else helped everybody get through quarantine? Kidding aside, there has been some big news regarding the big cats that Joe Exotic loved to trot around his “zoo”. 

In December of 2020, the United States House of Representatives passed the, “Big Cat Public Safety Act”. The act, seen in the Netflix docuseries, puts an end to the private ownership of big cats like tigers. 

I mean, this is simply great. Wild animals do not belong in the custody of homeowners with neighbors and young children. Seriously, it is undefinably reckless to have a giant tiger strolling around neighborhoods. Just look at what happened the other week in Texas. A 9-month-year-old bengal tiger was on the loose in a Houston yard. 

Thankfully no one was injured, and the tiger was found safe, but it is just too dangerous. People should not keep tigers, lions, panthers, et cetera, as pets in their homes. There are too many instances of people dying and getting hurt because of the irresponsible nature of some people. 

This act also does not go as far as that. This will keep tigers out of the hands of people like Joe Exotic. As fun as he is to watch, he is too much of a loose cannon to be owning wild animals; and he is most definitely not the only lunatic that owns dangerous beasts. 

Another benefit of this act is the fact that it will help keep tigers in their natural habitat. I have said this a couple times in this article already, but the point needs to be hammered home: wild animals belong in the wild! So, to the House of Representatives, congratulations on passing this act. It was well overdue. 

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