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Texas Officials Accidentally Send Out Amber Alert for Chucky Dolls

Texas officials sent out an amber alert for the Child’s Play doll suspected of kidnapping.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Residents were told to look out for the Child’s Play character, and his son, after Police accidentally sent out an amber alert for the pair. 

Many of us are familiar with the red-headed, killer children’s doll who first graced our screens in 1988. Since his popular debut, Chucky has led several sequels and his son, Glen Ray, was introduced in the 2004 installation Seed of Chucky. 

More recently, the pair have made an unexpected appearence after the Texas Department of Safety released an amber warning asking for any information/sightings about the pair. Glen was noted as a five-year-old victim of child abduction, with 28-year-old Chucky the prime suspect in Glen’s disappearence. 

According to the report, Glen had last been sighted on Thursday morning,  January 28, at 9:04 am in Henderson, Texas, and last seen to be wearing a blue shirt with a black collar.

Suspect Chucky, standing at a mere 3’1″, was known to be wearing blue denim overalls and a ‘multi-colored striped long sleeved shirt’, and was said to have been wielding a ‘huge kitchen knife’.

Credit: Texas Department of Safety

Although child abduction doesn’t seem too far out of character for Chucky, it seems the alert was a “result of a test malfunction” made by the department. 

Police added: ‘We apologise for the inconvinience this may have caused and are diligently working to ensure this won’t happen again.”

Don Marcini, the director and screenwriter who created Chucky, took to Twitter in response to the alert:

Residents who had subscribed to the Texas alerts system recieved three emails about the kidnap criminal on Friday, reported by KENS5 television station in San Antonio.

Although the alert was issued, the number attached didn’t work. But, a woman who answered a call associated with the address in which the pair had last been sighted, answered, “Yes, I’m aware,” before hanging up. 

For now (at least) Chucky and Glen will only be spotted on our screens – but who knows what 2021 could throw at us…

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