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World First: Human Charging Point


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When charging your phone, do you ever think ‘I could use some of that’?

Just imagine its the mid-day slump, you have exhausted all of your energy that caffeine cannot bring it back.  Dreams are now reality as the first ‘human charging point’ has been unveiled in London of the 7th of September.

Kiosks/Charge points will be available at Canary Warf tube station in London and will only be available at 2:58pm, when brits need a minute the most, for one minute.

Each charge point will contain headphones. According to research, that ran along side with the launch of these stations. 85% of Londoners say that they reach a lull in the afternoon, often one in four say they fill this gap with chocolate.

Due to this, free Cadbury’s boosts will also be available along with wisdom and inspirational words from Capital FM’s Martin Kemp:

Roman had to say:

I have to get up ridiculously early for my radio show, so I know more about the afternoon lull more than the average person.

And Cadbury Boost is the perfect way to make the most out of your afternoon.

If you are facing the lull then get yourself down to the Cadbury charging points at Canary Wharf for a much needed boost.

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Senior branch manager at Mondelez International, who own Cadbury’s, Richard Weisinger also has some input:

Most of us experience the afternoon lull, which is the time of the day we could do with a boost the most.

We know people want to feel re-energised – physically or emotionally – so we wanted to do something to help them take on the rest of their day.

We’re looking forward to seeing Londoners come down for some much needed boost-time, and to try our new Boost + Protein.

No need to worry about if chocolate isn’t bad for you as research shows that it is good for you, in moderation of course.


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