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WhatsApp Beta for Windows Enables Texting Unsaved Phone Numbers

WhatsApp Beta for Windows introduces a feature to text unsaved phone numbers, enhancing user communication and experience.

Updating WhatsApp Messenger Beta app. Source: Shutterstock/wisely

WhatsApp beta for Windows users can now start chats with phone numbers not saved in their contacts.

Apple and Android introduced the feature earlier this year on iPhone and Android. The company is currently available to a limited number of testers with the latest beta update. WhatsApp plans to make it available to more testers in the near future.

This feature marks a significant enhancement to the messaging platform, making it more versatile and accessible for users.

The new number option

The latest WhatsApp beta for Windows brings an innovative option to its users. Within the “New Chat” screen in the WhatsApp Windows beta app, users will now find an option called number.

You can start a dialogue with someone by inputting their phone number, even without saving their contact information. The feature performs the same function as Android and iOS devices. It allows users to connect with people who are outside their contacts easily.

How it works

To access this feature, users can navigate to the “New Chat” screen, where they will find the “Phone Number” option. Once selected, an on-screen number pad will appear, enabling users to enter the desired phone number. 

Users can also enter the desired number in the search bar of the New Chat screen, which is more convenient and familiar. This feature makes it easier to contact people, even if you don’t have their contact information saved in your phone.

Versatile use 

The ability to initiate conversations with unsaved phone numbers holds several practical use cases. You may need to talk to a courier person. You can instruct them on their tasks or verify the progress of a shipment. This feature helps you avoid saving every contact you briefly interact with, making communication more accessible and more uncomplicated.

Prior to this, WhatsApp beta permitted users to send messages to unfamiliar phone numbers by generating “” of URLs through their web browsers.

WhatsApp’s evolving features

WhatsApp beta is making the messaging platform better for users by adding new features and updates. For Android users, WhatsApp is testing a redesigned user interface and introducing a new feature for images and videos as a reply bar. The updates improve the app to be easier to use and faster so it can keep up with users’ changing needs.

One-time viewing of voice messages

Another notable addition is the introduction of One-time viewing voice messages in WhatsApp beta. These feature testers are also available on both Android and iOS platforms.

With this feature, users can send voice messages that the recipient can listen to once before they disappear. It adds an extra layer of privacy and control to communication, especially when sharing sensitive information or brief messages.

Stable version features

While these exciting developments are currently available to beta testers, WhatsApp has paid attention to its stable version users. In recent updates, WhatsApp has rolled out the ability to use multiple accounts on a single device.

This feature is precious for users who want to keep their personal and business accounts separate while using the same device. WhatsApp now allows users to share high-definition photos and videos, improving the quality of multimedia communication.

Advanced search filters in channels

Another recent feature available globally is the introduction of the latest search filters within the Channels feature. Filters assist users in locating specific content or messages within a channel. 

This feature simplifies the process of searching for information within a group or community. This improvement helps make using WhatsApp for group chats or following channel updates more organized and efficient.

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