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What is Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ Search Tool?

A deep dive into Google’s mysterious “I’m Feeling Curious” tool and what facts the internet thinks we want to know.

Credit: Google

The eponymous Google search engine is well known for its many tricks, tools, and easter eggs. However, one hidden feature aims to answer all the questions you never thought to ask. “I’m feeling curious,” the spiritual successor to the I’m feeling lucky function, is one of google’s most unique and exciting tools hidden under its belt.

Upon searching the term, “I’m feeling curious,” Google will take you to a search results page with a large textbox at the top. A randomly generated question will appear with the associated answer within the box.

Naturally, these randomly generated questions can get quite… weird. Curiosity killed the cat, and you can call me Cheshire cause I’m jumping down this rabbit hole.

I plugged in the requisite search term in a new window and refreshed the question 7 times. Let’s see where fate takes us!

Question #1

I'm Feeling Curious question #1
Who was Rome named after?
Answer: Romulus, demigod of roman legend, supposedly founded the city after murdering his brother.

The first search turned out reasonably normal and with an accurate answer. Even if that answer is so well known, even a savage raised by wolves would know it.

Question #2

I'm Feeling Curious question #2

What is the purpose of a caboose?

The caboose is the support carriage at the end of a train link hosting facilities for workers who control the shifters and breaks of the train.

Continuing the historical theme, this question also seems quite timely considering all the news surrounding trains as of late. So far, the questions have been pretty typical; however, we still have five more to go.

Question #3

I'm feeling Curious question #3

What type of car was used in Back to the Future?

The DeLorean DMC-12

Pop culture pops its head for the first time. Another well-known fact is that the DeLorean is arguably better known as the car from Back to the Future than an actual consumer vehicle. As you can imagine, the car wasn’t successful in the consumer market, considering it only lasted two years before being discontinued alongside its parent company, DeLorean Motor Company. DMC lasted seven years before it ceased operations, with only one car under its name.

Real success story there, John.

Question #4

I'm Feeling Curious question #4

Who coined the phrase time is money?

Benjamin Franklin

History once again rears its head. The question here is exciting and one I would not have thought to ask. And the answer itself is also quite interesting. This common phrase can be added to the numerous other American founding father, and known deviant Benjamin Franklin quipped into our modern lexicon. Rest in peace, you crazy, crazy man.

Question #5

I'm feeling Curious question #5

Who is on the one thousand dollar bill?

Grover Cleveland

Here we go! This is the kind of tidbit trivia we’ve been looking for! Throughout history, the US mint has issued bills larger than the modern maximum of $100. Several larger bill types, like the $100,000 bill, were not meant for public circulation but for internal trade between federal reserves. However, the 1,000-dollar bill was a public bank note considered legal tender for consumer transactions. In 1969 the US mint, alongside the treasury department, discontinued several of its less common bill types. This included both the 500 and 1,000-dollar bills. Unlike other uncommon American currencies like the $2 bill or the dollar coin, which still receive limited minting as novelty tender and collectibles, the US mint has not printed a $1,000 bill since the 1940s.

Poor Cleveland.

Question #6

I'm Feeling Curious question #6

Can a shark blink with both eyes?


We are officially entering the weird category, folks. And for today’s exciting fact and new nightmare fuel, sharks don’t blink. That’s right, people, these prehistoric predators, don’t need sleep or even blink. What’s next? Can they smell blood from up to 3 miles away too?

*Faint whispering*

Oh… wait! They can?! …Stay out of the ocean, folks!!

Question #7

I'm Feeling Curious question #7

What is the name of a baby echidna?

A puggle

Move over, placental mammals! It’s time to talk about monotremes. The echidna is one of only two species of monotremes left on the planet. And where else would you find such unique creatures, but the land evolution forgot Australia? The land down under, alongside New Guinea, is famously the only place to find all three types of mammals in their natural habitat. Alongside Placental mammals such as ourselves and the Monotremes, as mentioned above, Australia is also home to most of the world’s Marsupials, such as Kangaroos, Koalas, and Wombats. Australia is also home to the platypus, the only other Monotreme left on earth.

As a Monotreme, when Echidnas aren’t stealing chaos emeralds from mad scientists, they give birth to their young via egg-laying. The young who emerge from these eggs are, of course, called puggles. Frankly, I find this term far too cute for the monstrosities the word is attached.

Image of a man holding a baby puggle next to it's mother.
Ian R McCann, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Google has some exciting ideas about what its users want to know. The I feel Curious tool led us down a relatively unusual but not necessarily weird path. While I will probably be thinking about the fact sharks don’t blink for the next few nights, you would be hard-pressed not to find someone who doesn’t know many of the facts found on our escapade. Ben Franklin’s dictionary of quotient quotables is well known, and Romulus’ act of fratricide is a literal western legend.

Google is a potent tool. The internet holds all of the world’s knowledge. We live in a world where we can access that information from a device that fits in our pockets. However, the internet is only helpful if we can effectively navigate it. Google is the streets and sidewalks that make the internet intuitive and easy to explore. And the “I’m feeling curious” function only makes that exploration even more accessible. Why ask a question when google can ask one for you?

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