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This Wearable Patch Is Changing The Future Of Nights Out For Good

This little device might just become a new drinking staple

CREDIT: Shutterstock/magic pictures, Laboratory for Nanobioelectronics/UC San Diego

This new invention enables you to track exactly how much alcohol is in your system as well as many other variables.

Researchers at the University Of California San Diego have designed a new wearable patch that allows its user to track certain elements within their body. It also has a feature that notifies you if it deems you too drunk and will advise against drinking on further. After all, we are now seeing a decrease in alcohol consumption and with more influencers choosing sobriety, maybe we’ll even see this patch on social media!

Described as “a complete lab on the skin” by one of the research authors, Joesph Wang, this small device that attaches to your upper arm senses how much alcohol is in your system through microneedles implanted into the skin during the placement of the patch. But don’t panic if you don’t like needles, you would hardly feel a thing! They barely penetrate the skin and are five times smaller than the width of a hair you’d find on your arm. 

Now for the sciency bit: these tiny needles use biomolecules in interstitial fluid (the liquid amongst your cells directly below your skin, for those of us that aren’t experts on bodily fluids) to monitor your levels in different sectors and feedback that information wirelessly to the designated app on your phone. Smart, right?

Well, it doesn’t stop there… whilst the primary focus of this device was outlined as being an alcohol tracking patch, there are several other features that it delves into, all of which are viewable through its app. As well as the obvious, the patch also allows you to monitor blood glucose levels, lactate levels and even track your muscle fatigue during a workout. 

When you’re finished with it, you simply remove it from your arm, detach the main device from the microneedle patch, as seen below, and throw that bit away. You can then just pop it into its reusable electronic case, which will charge it up ready to be used the next time you plan on drinking, exercising or just want to track your internal fluids! 

CREDIT: Laboratory for Nanobioelectronics/UC San Diego

Tested on five individuals during the research trials, we bet it’ll be a short while before this is widely available to the general public. Nonetheless, this reusable patch is sure to be a new nightlife essential!

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