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This Smart Cap Helps Eliminate Outside Distractions

New way to be distraction free!

Image Via: FocusCap

Looking for a way to work distraction-free? Enter the FocusCap! 

How many times have you wanted to close yourself off to outside distractions and actually get some work done? Well, with this neat little cap now you can! 

Designer Hannah Grebin has designed a simple yet efficient way for people to block out the outside world. Trains, planes, office space, libraries, and even yoga. This cap has multiple uses and will change how you get the job done. The cap has a transformable peak that lets you hide distractions in your peripheral vision. With so many distractions nowadays, it’s no surprise we need a product like this!

Of course, the cap wouldn’t be complete without one simple feature. Grebin made sure she designed the gadget to be headphone friendly. When you use Bose or Beats noise-canceling headphones, the cap becomes a “mobile, distraction-proof fortress.” So not only can you block out visual distractions, you can tune out some of the background noises that distract you too. 

“As we are still cavemen or mammals kept in an unnatural environment, I believe that only by reclaiming the normal, stress-free human state through simple tools and techniques we can finally unleash our actual creative potential and create our meaningful work for a brighter future.”

Another selling point for people interested in this nifty item, the price will be much lower than other devices created with the same concept. Other devices, like the cubicle pod and distraction-free helmet, are way bulkier and not as simple to use. Hopefully, sales will go live soon, but in the meantime, you can pre-order yours here.

If you like weird gadgets, check this bedroom tech out.

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