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Move Over, Alexa, Borat is My Best Friend Now!

Just say “Alexa, open Borat Assistant” to have the fictitious Khazak journalist replace the Amazon Assitant! He can read you the news, sing, and tell jokes!


“Hey Alexa, open Borat Assistant.”

Hot off the heels of his most recent film, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, the fictitious Kahzak journalist Borat Margaret Sagdiyev has invaded Amazon’s AI assistant. Amazon encouraged owners to ask Alexa to “open Borat Assistant” in a tweet on October 23rd, hinting that singing, jokes, and, of course, hard-hitting journalism from Sacha Baron Cohen’s character.

Tweet Courtesy of @PrimeVideo / Twitter

According to LAD Bible, the news reported by Borat is mostly related to potatoes and farming, while the songs present a wonderful medley chosen by Borat himself. We will spare you from the spoilers since discovery is half the fun when AI Assistants get fun additions.

Amazon Studios, which produced Cohen’s second outing as the outlandish Borat, is pulling out all stops in order to market the Subsequent Moviefilm. Along with the Alexa takeover, Amazon hosted a live watch party on the film’s premiere which included a live Q&A with Borat himself as well an online dance party. These promotional efforts for the film remain true to Cohen’s vision, blending reality and entertainment in a way that reflects the unceasing erosion between the two in daily life.

Video Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video / YouTube

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm premiered on Amazon Prime Video on October 23rd to generally positive reception from critics and audiences alike. Amazon remains coy about the viewer metrics for the film, however, only stating that “tens of millions” of folks watched the film over the opening weekend.

In a statement following the release of the film, Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios said: “Sacha has masterfully created one of the most well-received films of these unprecedented times – showcasing some of the best and the worst of us, wrapped in one outrageous moment after another.” She continued on to say that the film proved that Amazon’s customers want content that’s both “relevant and entertaining.”

Can’t get enough of Borat? Neither can we! Why don’t you check out our article about how Cohen lived with conspiracy theorists for five days during the filming of this triumphant sequel.

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