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Immersion or Invasion? GoPro’s New Technology Raises New Questions

GoPro’s new cameras, are they really all good or are they one step closer to us loosing touch with what it is to be human?

With planning as in depth as choreography, the launch video for the GoPro Hero6 is almost as impressive as the technology itself. But is more technology really what we need? 

GoPro have taken the camera world by storm and everybody with internet access will at least recognise the company name. Earlier this year GoPro released their newest set of cameras, taking the game to a whole new level.

Nick Woodman (Founder and CEO of GoPro) lead the launch event, in September, showcasing some incredible footage shot on the new devices. The new additions include the GorPro Karma, Fusion and of course, the Hero6. The cameras are almost even more impressive that then footage itself, which took patience, retakes and devotions. Some customers of the company and even some professionals including Torstein Horgmo (Professional Norweigen Snowboarder) all took part in the filming for the release held in San Fransisco.

The most popular and anticipated release was the Hero6, which now has its own custom processor which makes the system three times faster – that’s very fast. It also has a built in stabiliser effect which eliminates the natural shakes of the human hand. This gives videos the illusion that the camera was on a professional mount and not in the amateur hand. Alongside the Hero6 came the Karma, a drone camera with both upward and downward cameras, and the Fusion, hosting incredible 360° technology that is advanced with the mobile app.

But with all these cameras and advances are we loosing the experience of experiencing? Think about it. If anything happens it’s not experienced first hand anymore, the first thing you do is whip out a camera. You capture the ‘moment’. But were you even a part of the moment or was it the lens? Whilst sharing experiences is all good and well can we really share something we saw through the eyes, or lens rather, of a robot essentially?

With the world in the state it’s currently in, isn’t it about time we started looking at each other with real open eyes, talking to one another, not just liking and posting, sharing and commmenting. I think so.

Even with that said though no one, not even cynical old me, could deny the prestige of the technology this company provides. Then once coupled with it’s devotional staff and affiliates, it’s no surprise their a household name. Take a look at this behind the scenes video of the launch video for the GoPro Hero6 with Torstein Horgmo.


No one can deny that even the simple waiting for the sun to catch up for a second or two wows an audience in the level of dedication. But again, is more eyes over a world, already continuously under surveillance, really what we need right now?

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