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P. Diddy Develops Ingenious App To Give Black People More Economic Power

It’s time to “hustle harder.”

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Diddy, the mega-star rapper who has changed his name to Brother Love, is developing an app to give blacks more economic power.

“I don’t believe in the passiveness,” he said in an interview with GQ, “At some point, there has to be some kind of fight. I feel like we’ve done a lot of marching. It’s time to start charging.”

Diddy was overtaken by Jay-Z as the Forbes wealthiest hip-hop artist of 2018. But there is no bad blood between them. They are making this new app together.

Diddy revealed the app would help users to find black-owned and black-friendly businesses. He didn’t want to say too much though. It was still in the early stages and didn’t have a name.

“I want to be an authentic, unapologetic warrior for black culture and the culture of the street and how it moves. My thing is most importantly to change the narrative of the black race. I can’t relate to anything that isn’t about that.

This isn’t about taking away from any other community,” he said, “We’ll still go to Chinatown. We’ll still buy Gucci!

But the application will make it possible for us to have an economic community. It’s about blacks gaining economic power.”

The app isn’t the only big project Diddy is involved in. According to ESPN, he is part of a group seeking to buy the Carolina Panthers, along with Stephen Curry and Michael Rubin.

After the interview, Diddy tweeted, “The fact that you aren’t where you want to be, should be enough motivation to hustle harder.”

Read more about the revolution: Check out how Black Panther is impacting the world of sport.

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