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BMW’s in Disguise: Meet The Real-Life Transformers From Turkey

Start saving your pennies kiddos, in a few years you might have your very own Optimus Prime.

Credit: Letrons

Ever thought the Autobots would be better if they weren’t made of American cars? Apparently, someone did and has been turning BMW’s into real-life Transformers

These Decepticon BMW’s, or Letrons, are currently made by  Letvision, a Turkish R&D company. While they may look like something from one of Universal’s theme parks, these aren’t just toys or rides. In fact, the Letrons are the product of a futuristic brainstorm that aimed to push the limits of engineering and software design. As such, the first model, codenamed ANTIMON, took 11 months to complete.

ANTIMON currently features full arm, finger, and head movement. Add lasers and I’m in. (Credit:

Alright, I know what you’re thinking, ‘how do I rock up at my school reunion in one of these?’ The answer is with great difficulty. The Letrons aren’t road legal and, even if they were, there’s the price.

Yes, sadly the Letrons aren’t for sale unless the Letvision team agree with how they are being used. So, sadly, one-upping your ex’s new partner with a transformer seems less and less likely. But who knows, when interviewed spokesperson Turgut Alpagot said ‘maybe’ when a billion dollars was mentioned. So all we need is a billionaire divorcee: Jeff Bezos, take notes.

But enough chat, let’s see one of these in action. ANTIMON, roll out.


Do you think that’s cool? This is only the first of five models made by Letvision, with full driving capability the next big project. Start saving your pennies kiddos, in a few years you might have your very own Optimus Prime.

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