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Apple Expand Their Range with Their Latest Release: The AirTag

Apple has recently announced updates to their collection with their new product, the Apple AirTag.

Credit: YouTube / @Apple

On 22nd April, Apple announced their latest product, the Apple AirTag, which will be released for sale on 30th April 2021. This product is the first of many new products that Apple are releasing, however, this product is designed to be ‘a private and secure way to easily locate the items that matter most’. 

The AirTag will be connected via Bluetooth on the ‘FindMy’ app on iPhone, and will sync in the same way as AirPods, by holding it close to your phone to set up the tag. 

The AirTags will be sold in packs of one, costing £29 and four, costing £99. They are lightweight, water and dust resistant, with a built-in speaker which gives users the opportunity to locate their item, with the attached AirTag, through sound.
Credit: YouTube / @Apple

When purchased, the AirTags can be personalised and engraved which is included in the price and users can individually name each of their items attached to the AirTag in the ‘FindMy’ app. 

This product has been released as part of Apple’s intention to ‘enhance the versatility of iPhone’ and expand ‘the Apple Ecosystem’ with ‘built-in privacy and security features’, facilitating users in their everyday lives. 

Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing confirmed this motive stating that “[Apple are] excited to bring this incredible new capability to iPhone users with the introduction of AirTag, leveraging the vast Find My network, to help them keep track of and find the important items in their lives.” 

If the AirTag is used in connection with iPhones with the U1 chip, e.g. iPhone 12, the software works is able to direct user to their item, using the ultra-sideband technology. This system is an extension of Apple’s AirDrop filesharing system, using similar technology to Tile Bluetooth Trackers, except this will be tailored to iPhone and can be synced with your other Apple products, to expand the potential of the ‘Find My’ app. 

Credit: YouTube / @Apple

The AirTag arrives at the same time as Apple’s announcement of their new iMac which will be released in a range of new pastel colours, for the aesthetic, and also with new interior features, such as a new camera and improved microphone to accommodate the increased use of video calls and virtual meetings. This iMac will also include Apple’s own chips which accompanied the MacBook Air, Pro, and Mac Mini last year; however, this is the first time that the iMac, desktop PC, has been revolutionised in years. 

Credit: YouTube / @Apple
Credit: YouTube / @Apple

Apple has also stated that they will be changing the details of ApplePay, expanding Apple Credit Cards in the US, including a subscription to Apple Podcasts, and introducing a new iPad. 

For more technology-based news, check out this article for the best advice when buying an iPhone. 

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