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Still Think Covid-19 Isn’t Deadly? — Check Out This Weekly Deaths Chart

Covid-19 is nothing like the flu. Just look at the number of weekly deaths.

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How many days of quarantine has it been? I’ve lost count, but apparently people are still comparing the coronavirus to the flu.

The flu is a viral infection that can be passed on to others. It affects millions and kills thousands every year. As for the coronavirus, it began in 2019 with news of easily spreading and killing those vulnerable to it. 

It was until March individuals began to quarantine and wear masks in public to help stop the spread. Because of this, markets went empty and toilet paper sold out. It’s now been six months of quarantine and some individuals are still comparing COVID-19 to the flu.

Here’s a chart comparing the weekly deaths of the coronavirus to the flu and pneumonia.

On Reddit, a user created a chart of the number of weekly deaths in the United States. It goes back seven years to show the pattern of deaths each illness takes per week.

A friend of the Reddit user compared COVID-19 to the flu leading to the development of this chart. Many still underestimate the capabilities of the coronavirus, but the truth is the flu and COVID-19 are not to be compared. In the chart, the flu is shown in the color green while COVID-19 is in red.

As seen on the chart, the number of weekly deaths caused by the coronavirus in the U.S. exceeds by a larger number than the flu. COVID-19 recently began it’s toll and has developed staggering numbers in lives lost. In addition, COVID-19 has similar symptoms to pneumonia and the flu.

It is important to get tested if you think you have been exposed to the virus, wear a face mask, and maintain your distance from others. If you’re confused about wearing a mask, check out which type of face mask best protects against COVID-19.

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