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WATCH: Your Surfing Dream Get Real with James O’Brien

Get lit!

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If you know who Jamie O’Brien is, then you probably already know he is CRAZY. If  you don’t know him by name, then you’ll definitely know him from his crazy edits of him surfing. 

Jamie O’Brien is famous, not only on The North Shore of Hawaii where he lives, but all over the damn internet. And for good reason. This is the guy who brought the foamy back to Pipeline. The guy who decided, one board wasn’t enough for one wave. And decided to try surfing a wave with two sticks.


And it’s not just a one time thing, the waves have been way heavier when he decides to slay a dragon with two sticks.

In his most recent crazy stunt, he’s taken on night surfing. And of course, f*cking nailed it. Prepare to be amazed, check out the insane scenes in the video below. I mean, as if this guy wasn’t cool enough. There isn’t one back clip in this edit, it might be the most stunning surf edit I’ve seen all year. I mean, night surfing is cool as it is, but it look so sick in this clip. I NEED TO GO *googles plane tickets to Hawaii*.

If you want more of this guy, he has his own YouTube series ‘Who is JOB?. And it’s just as crazy as you’d expect. If you wanna check it out head on over to the RedBull YouTube channel.

One thing you can’t deny about JOB, he may be a psycho. But, he brings so much fun to surfing consistently.

If you enjoyed reading about this psycho. You should definitely check this article out. Enjoy!

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