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WATCH: Snowball Fighting Is A Legit Sport In Colder Regions

Say hello to my little friend.

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Of most memories, snowball fighting with family, friends and even neighbours as a child are the ones that tend to stay with you forever; the mere thought of smashing the cold snow into someone else’s face with your sheer skill and prowess is an adequate enough victory for many. The sad part is, for most people, these snowball fights usually stay in their childhood. That is, until now.

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Japan has done the world a favour by reintroducing snowball fighting as an actual hardcore sport, and named it “Yukigassen”, or, literally translated, “snow-war”. Priorities = sorted.

In actual fact, these events were introduced in order to boost Japan’s tourism during the colder months, in which it was unlikely that many people would want to visit. Using this ingenious plan, however, Japan’s back on the right track. I mean, is there a better reason for people to fly halfway across the world in freezing weather? I think not. Now countries all over the world (including Finland are using this strategy to encourage people to visit places that are notorious for its snow and cold weather, but by using its advantages to bring out the children in everyone.

Ari Pöyliö, the President of the Yukigassen Federation of Finland (yes, that is a thing) referred to the sport as “very tactical play. You don’t have to be strong. You must be small and very quick, and you must have a very good hand.”

Who knew there were so many technicalities when it came to pelting someone else with snowballs?

If you’re interested about what else snowy is going on in the world, check out the crazy transformation of the Sahara Desert into the Snowy Desert – thanks global warming.

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