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WATCH: Miles Silvas Weave Through Seven City Blocks In One Stunning Take

Adidas’ new line has been announced with this killer video!

Credit: Adidas/YouTube

The official Adidas Skateboarding YouTube has released their latest video starring Miles Silvas. The one-take 5-minute clip follows Silvas skateboarding around LA’s Koreatown.

Watch below:

The sound of the skateboard going across the different tarmac, hitting the ground after jumps and tricks are all perfectly in synch with the Jazz music playing in the background to this. Furthermore, all the flips and Miles Silvas’ movements are choreographed as precisely as an intricate dance routine. This awesome sound mixes and design was put together by Matt Miller. Moreover, the music featured is by The Latin Jazz Quintet and Eric Dolphy playing “First Bass Line” Caribé.

Coinciding with the release of One-Stop is Adidas’ new collection, featuring the City Cup Shoe. Silvas can be seen in the video sporting the shoes, BB Solid tee and Workshop pants. Not to mention, late last year Thrasher magazine said, “Miles is on another level, and he’s only just begun”. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Adidas has him heading up their new skateboarding range. Additionally, we cannot wait to see what is coming next from both Miles and Adidas.

Need to watch more skateboarding videos? Have a look at what Illegal Civilisation just released!

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