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WATCH: Benji Brand Officially Has the Biggest Balls in the Surfing World



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One of the first questions people ask you when they find out you’re a surfer: “Aren’t you scared of Sharks?” No, we’re not scared of fifteen foot sharp toothed mammals that can take us out in 0.2 seconds…said no-one ever.

It’s not that we’re scared, just when you surf, you’re on a sharks turf. And almost, every surfer knows how territorial locals can be when you’re on their turf. So, of course the sharks may get pissed from time to time. We do care about safety and that’s why signs like the one below exist.

See, we’re not just adrenaline junkies who just want the thrill of the ride and don’t care about much else (while, this is true. We do care about being eaten by sharks!) We do use our brains, but sometimes the waves are too good to miss. And, the chance to get the barrel of a lifetime, arguably the best feeling in the world, can be worth it. That’s what shredder Benji Brand thinks, anyway. And from the viral video THIS image comes from it, it’s hard to disagree.

The video is filmed in Africa, which yes is where professional surfer Mick Fanning had a run in with a shark in competition. You’ll also notice that this guy is surfing, at dusk. Scroll up and look at the sign again. Yup, Brand is surfing in Africa, at dusk, pretty far out by the looks of things since I can’t see one bit of land in this video. But, what you get is one of the most perfect lefts you’ve ever seen that is completely WORTH IT. See for yourself, and check it out below!

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